Mythware Language LAB

Pure software, perfect balance of cost and performance
Plentiful Features, Low Cost, Simple Maintenance
Significantly shorten voice lagging time and improve sound quality.
Self-developed voice box that perfect matches with digital language lab, improves sound quality largely.
Practical Operation Design
Multilingual user interface, switch between different language interface can be completed by one click.
The core functions of the system can be called directly from the main interface, and the location of each function button is based on the teaching process.

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Products Version
There are two different versions of Mythware language lab software.

This version provides one voice box for teacher side only. For some schools or individuals who may have limited budget, standard version is a good choice as it can provide the best performance with the least money.

On the basis of standard, the pro version provides voice box for each student. For some schools or individuals who pursue high voice quality and low delay during the voice transmission in the language learning class, our pro version is what you cannot miss.


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